What is a Will?

Why do I need a Will?

What information is needed to prepare a Will?

Once I have a Will can I forget about it?

Can a Will become out of date?

What happens if I need to change my Will?

What is an Enduring Power of Attorney?

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney? Is it the same as an EPA?

What information do you need to prepare one for me?

How much does a Will cost?

How much does a Power of Attorney cost?

Is it necessary to register your Will somewhere?

Do you have to register a Power of Attorney?

What does administration of an estate mean?

What is probate?

What do you do if there isn’t a Will?

What do you do if there is no money or assets and there are debts to pay?

What can you do if someone has been left out of a Will?

What can you do if you think a Will has been unfair to someone?

Can someone left out of the Will make a claim?

Does every estate have to pay tax?

How can we pay any tax due before we can sell an asset such as a house?

How are gifts relevant to the administration of an estate?

What is a trust?

What is the purpose of a trust in a Will?

Who should I chose as a trustee?

What is a testamentary guardian and why would I need one?

What is a pre-owned asset?

What does the Court of Protection do?

What is meant by undue influence / duress?

Can my Will deal with my holiday home abroad?

What effect does a gift to charity in my Will have?

How can I deal with my business through my Will?

Why is it important how I own my property with others?

Are pre-nuptial agreements worth having?

Why would I need a cohabitation agreement?

Why does joint ownership of property matter?

How can lost assets be traced?

What is a lifetime gift and what is its effect?

What do I do about my holiday home abroad?

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